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About Cynthia's Ristorante 
Cynthia Ristoarnte is the perfect place to treat yourself with an amazing dining experience. Food that is cooked with the perfect ingredients, creating quality dishes that you can enjoy. Cynthia Ristoarnte is all about having fresh ingredients from farmers, fishermen, and ranchers.

You can come for their outstanding food, their incredible wine list, or for the romantic atmosphere that is provided. With weekly menu changes, you will be able to continue to get a new experience each time you come. Some nightly features include fresh Veal, New Zealand Lamb, Prince Edward Island Mussels, a Wide Variety of Seafood, and Black Angus Beef. 

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More About Cynthia's Ristorante
Cynthia and Bill are married and run the restaurant together. Bill attended California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and both Cynthia and Bill have had experience in a variety of cities including Florida, Missouri, and Georgia. They have worked together for many years and have learned and grown together. They have a passion for cooking and have worked hard to create one of a kind dishes.

They offer a twist on traditional Italian cuisine. Every item is made from scratch and has evolved from lots of experience from traveling, school, and personal preferences. This is the place to find seasonal food and food that is cooked in a wood-fired oven or grill. At Cynthia's Ristorante they are aware of special dietary requirements and they ask that you ask about their gluten-free dishes or other specific needs.

To give you an idea of their delicious menu, try the Fresh Halibut. It is grilled and served over herbed pan roasted potatoes then topped with tomato provencal. The Fresh Florida Red Snapper is coated with spicy bread crumbs & seared in a cast iron skillet over basmati rice and finished with a lemon caper white wine pan sauce.
Creativity is a big part of Cynthia's Ristorante. Come try it out to experience new food and create great memories!