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Things to do near paducah, Kentucky

From eagle  and bison watching to a planetarium and family fun center there is something for everyone in Paducah, Kentucky 

Eagle Watching

Winter is peak season for bald eagle viewing in Land Between the Lakes! Year round resident eagles and visiting winter "snowbirds" are out looking for fish around the lakes. Join the naturalists of the Nature Station on a guided tour over land or water. Both van tours beginning in November and cruises aboard the excursion yacht CQ Princess are available January and February.

Elk & Bison Prairie

The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in Kentucky more than a century ago. Elk and bison roam free within this 700-acre enclosure. Visitors travel in their enclosed vehicle via a 3.5-mile paved loop road. Numerous other wildlife species also thrive in the prairie.

Four Rivers Sport Horse Center

The Four Rivers Sport Horse Center is a new state of the art equestrian facility. This is the first of its kind in Western Kentucky. The project has been planned by equine experts with a lifetime of experience. We are dedicated to developing and preserving the majestic nature and spirit of the horse. We strive to provide a modern safe environment for rider and horse to learn and enjoy.

Golden Pond Planetarium & Observatory

When you visit the Golden Pond Planetarium, you will enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational programs presented with our Konica Minolta Mediaglobe II digital projection system which displays exciting images on the 40-foot dome of the theater.

Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center

Kentucky Shores Family Fun Center is a hidden gem! There are a lot of options of things to do and tons of fun to be had. They have Go-Karts, Arcade Games, Mini Golf and so much more that will leave you and your family having a great time.

Padcah Railroad Museum

Local railroad museum telling the story of the early days of rail travel & housing a simulator.

Paxton Park Golf Course

Nice, gently rolling championship golf course with 3 large lakes providing water on 7 holes and the ultimate in high quality greens. George Davies, was the architect who laid out the original design of Paxton Park and supervised its building.

Range America Firearm and Training Center

Range America Firearms and Training Center is an awesome facility and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Its a comfortable and safe place to shoot and they are very helpful to give you tips and tricks.

The National Quilt Museum

The museum’s touring exhibits can be seen at museums and galleries nationwide. Recent travelling exhibits have been seen in the Shafer Memorial Art Gallery, the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum, and the Branigan Cultural Center, among others.
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